Learning Facilitator (Freelance)


Job Responsibilities

We are looking for freelance learning facilitators who are passionate about helping children ages 8-12 build skills through collaborative problem-solving. As a facilitator, you will facilitate quests and discussions amongst students on our online platform to promote collaboration and communication amongst students. This role is 100% remote. Training will be provided. As part of the training you will learn how to:

- Facilitate learning in the metaverse
- Make the most of online teaching tools and platforms we use
- Create an engaging environment for students to learn essential skills online
- Manage chaos in a classroom and let students thrive at their own pace

Facilitators are paid between US$25-50 an hour depending on experience.


Job Responsibilities:

- Embrace the chaos and facilitate the quests designed by the Doyobi team
- Step back and allow the students to engage with the learning experience, creating room for all students to share their voice, listen and learn how to manage inter-connected, complex situations mimicking real-life.
- Introduce various thinking strategies, as curated by Doyobi at appropriate times
- Promote the student's curiosity by asking open-ended questions and creating room for critical thinking.
- Observe and monitor individual and group dynamics to ensure a safe culture of learning and growth for the students

Job Requirements:

- Applicants should enjoy spending time with kids and have a deep interest in technology and education. Beyond that, here's what we expect from all our instructors:
- 2+ years of experience working with learners (young or old) on a part-time or full-time basis
- Commit to a complete cycle of a cohort
- Each cohort runs over a period of 8 weeks
- Minimum commitment of 3 hours per week
- Observe and share student progress and effectively communicate this progress to parents
- Be able to learn independently and quickly fill knowledge gaps, especially with regard to new technologies and platforms.
- Be comfortable with managing multiple online tools and platforms during a live class
- Participate in company briefings and provide feedback to contribute to product improvements

About the Organization

Doyobi is on a mission to help kids grow into original thinkers and develop a sense of purpose. We’re passionate about designing engaging, tech-enabled learning experiences that nurture curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset. Our greatest reward? Ultimately seeing kids grow up to contribute meaningfully to the world. If you’re keen on making a difference to the lives of kids all over the globe (and don’t mind the hard work involved to make it happen!), join us and discover the difference you can make!

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