Entrepreneurial Partnership Lead


Job Responsibilities

In 2019 we piloted the first version of the app, test and certificate in India. In 2020 we created a new version of the app and opened this up to other countries; also adding the dashboard for employers and education institutions. In mid-2021, we launched the Approved Partner Programme, targeting universities and colleges to certify their graduating students with EnglishScore certificates. We want to grow our Approved Partner Programme faster in 2022, by establishing strong partnerships with both academic community and industry partners.

What this looks like:
- Employer Partnerships
Supporting employers to successfully use and advocate for EnglishScore
Building partnerships with strong employer brands in all EnglishScore’s key markets, beginning with our key Asian markets
- Other companies partnerships (Job Boards; Ed-Techs, etc)
Locking in partnership deals and reaching more audiences to build stronger brand awareness of EnglishScore in key markets, including co-marketing activities
Identifying and securing new revenue streams for EnglishScore
- Teaching Association Partnerships
Establishing strong relationships and partnerships with Teaching English communities and academic leaders

The fruits of this investment should be reflected and measured in:
Higher sales velocity and conversion for the in-market sales teams
Additional partner-sourced/influenced revenue
More use-cases and interesting material for the Marketing team to use

We want someone on the ground in Asia with the ‘X’ on their head to make this happen. You will own the plan, the execution and the results. Through your familiarity with the Asian market context, your network, and your commercial flare you will be able to shape the right plan to achieve the outcomes. While you will be expected to act with some autonomy, you should assume that your activities and responsibilities will include the following:

- Partner management: own the development of relationships with key regional employers, teaching associations, key opinion leaders, and other companies, with results measured in the quantity and quality of the partners brought forward.
- Governance: act as a key contributor to the weekly market meetings in Asia, identifying gaps and opportunities to support sales performance through partnership activities. You will also work closely with the sales team and the marketing team to coordinate efforts.


- You understand and are excited about this opportunity. You could make a difference to millions of people and businesses across Asia.
- You are a self-starter, who can work out what needs to be done, and gets it done.
- You are very comfortable, confident and competent in developing commercial relationships at a senior level; and you can point to a number of experiences that have resulted in success and revenue growth.
- You have a natural commercial acumen, and an entrepreneurial side that allows you to think on your feet and adapt to the context as it evolves in front of you.
- You are super-organised, productive and professional - and others remark on how you leave this impression on them.
- You are friendly and cooperative - partners and colleagues like to work with you.
- You have an MBA or relevant advanced business degree from top-tier institution or similar academic / professional experience
- You are a good communicator in the local languages that you deem to be important to achieve the objectives, and you have very good English communication skills (EnglishScore 500+).

About the Organization

EnglishScore is an EdTech venture which is scaling rapidly as it becomes the global test and certificate of English for employability. We are backed by the British Council, the globally-renowned authority in English language teaching and testing; and by Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading digital venture builder.

Our mobile English test (Android and Apple) is available in 170 countries. People from around the world have already completed over 1 million test sittings, and this number will grow to hundreds of millions. Just in the last year, more than 120 higher education institutions across the world have committed to using EnglishScore to certify their graduating students with our certificates.

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