NTUC LearningHub

Digital Product Manager


Job Responsibilities

- Knowledge of Cloud-native services and Open Source tech stack
- REST APIs, OpenID Connect/OAuth 2.0 authorization framework over the Internet
- Able to hands-on on digital enablement platform
- Project management of digital initiatives including project milestones based on data insights
- Determine project success against the key milestones (standardize digital KPI and reporting for ease of review)
- Learn how to work with different external and internal stakeholders to initiate and monitor the progress of digital projects.
- Assist in driving adoption of digital initiatives.
- Process effectiveness and efficiency upgrade via digitalisation.
- Application of design-thinking, human centred design approach to a variety of challenges
- Mobile Application development strategy

Key Tasks :
- Communication with business stakeholders to understand the current processes and challenges.
- Study EdTech industry, business, related technologies, best practices to achieve the goal.
- Lead the discussion and initiate any necessary coordination and arrangements.
- Drive the project by building the consensus and aligning the direction with multiple stakeholders by communication and coordination.
- Manage project stakeholders (project owner, users, project members, vendors etc.) to complete the project according to the plan.


- Minimally a degree graduate
- Minimally 8 years of similar working experience
- Both technical competency and project management discipline
- Be updated on the latest digital trends
- Willing to collaborate, be a team player and open to learning, be flexible and accountable for the deliverables
- Excellent oral communication skills
- Strong analytical and technical skills
- Ability to multitask and prioritize

About the Organization

NTUC LearningHub was corporatised in 2004 with the vision of transforming the lifelong employability of working people. We work with both corporate and individual clients and provide learning solutions in areas such as Infocomm Technology, Healthcare, Employability & Literacy, Business Excellence, Workplace Safety & Health, Security, Human Resources and Foreign Worker Training. In a new world order of collaboration, we have established a strong network of established program partners to fulfil the diverse needs of workers, and just to name a few, our network include notable partners like The John Maxwell Company, Microsoft, Alibaba Business School, Amazon Web Services, Kotter International, and John Wiley & Sons.

Apart from our content partners, NTUC LHUB also works very closely within the Labour Movement eco-system of unions and Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) to serve our workers’ interest for better jobs and better lives. As part of tripartism, we also work closely with government agencies like SkillsFuture Singapore, Workforce Singapore as well as employers to fulfil our mission. Through this tri-partite network and the Labor Movement eco-system, we have achieved many significant milestones in our last 15 years of history. To date, NTUC LearningHub has helped over 21,000 organisations and achieved over 2.4 million training places across more than 500 courses with a pool of over 400 certified trainers. As a Total Learning Solutions provider to organisations, we also forge partnerships and provide a wide range of relevant end-to-end training solutions and work constantly to improve our training quality and delivery.

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