Singapore University of Social Sciences

Assistant Manager, Educational Technology & Production


Job Responsibilities

Application Development
- To provide, recommend and evaluate various possible solutions and clearly communicate the cost and benefits of the various solutions
- To design, develop and continuously enhance software applications
- To document software application to serve maintenance requirements on the system
- To align system design and development to organisational standards and best practices for security and development
- To ensure system are robust, available and scalable as needed
- To perform peer code review
- To ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
- To design, develop and manage tools for the creation of structured content and to support in the creation of multi-formatted outputs such as PdF, ePub, HTML and others.
- To develop tools and programs for managing and transforming structured documents - this may include XSLT/XSL-FO and other DITA/XML transformations.

- To maintain software applications and support user inquiries and requests
- To troubleshoot errors and issues
- To perform bug fixes and data patching
- To perform system upgrading and enhancement

- Innovative and flexible
- Able to collaborate with other team members and stakeholders on various projects
- Able to work independently
- To plan and budget for software development


- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology/Software
- At least 5 years of software development experience and minimum 3 complete SDLC projects
- Experience in Full-stack development, object-oriented analysis & design, building web applications and familiar with the following technology:
- Application Tier: Node.js, React.js and Restful Web Services, JSON etc.
- User interface Tier: responsive user-facing web interfaces for Web and mobile using HTML5, CSS3, Material UI and JavaScript
- Database Tier: Relational database like MySQL or Object-Relational database (No SQL Db) is required
- Server Tier: Amazon Web Services (EC2, beanstalk and RDS) along with basic Linux or Windows Server administration.
- General understanding of RESTful API architecture
- Experience in XML Structure document technologies.
- Document Databases (eXistDB)
- Transformations Processors (XSL-FO, XSLT)
- DITA XML, JavaScript, Web technologies, ePub3, PDF, HTML, CSS.
- Knowledge in Graph Database will be an added advantage.
- Solid understanding of the full web technology stack, including protocols and Web server optimization techniques (e.g HTTP, cookies, headers, asset loading/caching)
- Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them
- Good interpersonal skills

About the Organization

SUSS is a university with a rich heritage in inspiring lifelong education, and transforming society through applied social sciences. We develop students and alumni to be work-ready and work-adaptive, aspiring to reach their full potential, through our 3H's education philosophy – 'Head' for professional competency with applied knowledge, 'Heart' for social awareness to meet the needs of the society, and 'Habit' for passion towards lifelong learning.

We offer more than 80 undergraduate and graduate programmes, available in full- and part-time study modes which are flexible, modular and inter-disciplinary, catering to both fresh school leavers and adult learners. SUSS also offers a broad range of continuing education and training modular courses for the professional skills upgrading of Singapore's workforce.

Our programmes and courses are offered by our five schools:
1. School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences,
2. School of Business,
3. S R Nathan School of Human Development,
4. School of Law, and
5. School of Science and Technology.

To date, over 42,000 graduates have experienced our unique brand of education, and each year, over 17,000 students are pursuing their full- and part-time studies with us.

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