Stamford American International School

Academic and College Counsellor


Job Responsibilities

The role of the Academic and College Counsellor is to advise students and parents through the college application process and provide guidance on their academic pathway and plans in relation to their future post-secondary goals.

The job holder’s responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons for whom s/he is responsible, or with whom s/he comes into contact will be to adhere to and ensure compliance with the relevant Cognita Safeguarding; Child Protection Policy and Procedures at all times. If in the course of carrying out the duties of the role, the job holder identifies any instance that a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm either at school or at home, s/he must report any concerns to the School’s Child Protection Officer/Designated Safeguarding Lead or to the Head of indeed to the Regional CEP so that a referral can be made accordingly to the relevant third party services.


Position Requirements

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Strong organizational ability and the ability to meet deadlines
● Experience in college admissions or high school college counseling and understanding of admissions for educational systems around the world is a major plus
● Understanding of International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) and Advanced Placement (AP) preferred
● Strong interpersonal communication and organizational skill
● Familiarity with the goals, objectives, and mission of an independent college preparatory school
● Ability to respond effectively to the needs of a diverse and demanding student and parent population
● Knowledge of colleges, their academic programs, admission policies, and financial policies and procedures
● Demonstrates the Stamford Values – Courage, Ingenuity, Compassion, Integrity


● At least three years’ experience in an International environment required
● Minimum 5 years in an Academic and College Counselling role required.
● Experience advising students to various countries around the world including US, UK, Canada, Europe and Asia
● Experience in both the AP and IB systems preferred (BTEC knowledge preferred)
● Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required
● Master’s degree in the relevant field preferred
● A sense of humor

About the Organization

At Stamford American International School we believe the success of our program is based on teamwork, collaboration and the broad participation of our international community. All our students are unique individuals, with equal potential to make a positive contribution to the school and society. Our goal is to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a sense of global awareness in each student, along with the necessary skills to prepare them for the challenges and changes which lie ahead.

Stamford American is truly an international school, where our faculty and the wider school community proudly reflect the shared vision, commitment and energy to ensure the educational success of every student. With more than 75 nationalities represented on campus, each of us has an exceptional opportunity to develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, the philosophies of people from many different cultures.

While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational program has been created with an emphasis on the development of the whole person. We aim to provide the direction, counsel and support that each student needs to reach their full potential.

Our school environment provides daily opportunities for students to increase their knowledge and skill base in order to acquire the attributes necessary for meaningful lives. Many of these attributes are identified in the International Baccalaureate learner profile, which is the core of our curriculum model featuring rigorous American standards enhanced by the International Baccalaureate program. The curriculum at Stamford American is designed to support a developmental, student-centered approach where teaching for understanding is coupled with a stimulating and varied curriculum.

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