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Teacher of Middle School Design & Technology


Job Responsibilities

Main Responsibilities:

• Teachers should contribute positively to the collaborative culture of Design and Technology and the broader Middle School and High School teams.
• Teachers should construct learning experiences that challenge students, support the diversity of learners in each classroom and demonstrate a strong commitment to concept-based teaching and learning.
• Teachers should ensure assessments support ongoing learning and provide timely, relevant and appropriate feedback to students on formative and summative assessments.
• Teachers should demonstrate effective classroom management that shows an understanding of the academic, social and emotional dimensions of learning.
• Teachers should keep parents informed about the learning of their children, and be proactive in keeping communication lines open.


Person Specifications:

• A good degree in Design and Technology or a closely related discipline and a recognized teaching qualification or certification are expected.
• Successful teaching experience with young adolescents (11-18 years) is essential.
• Previous experience of teaching Design and Technology in the 11-18 age range is required.
• Teachers should be willing and eager to participate in the five key elements of a UWCSEA education: Academics; Activities; Outdoor Education; Personal and Social Education, and Service.
• Academic expectations include enthusiastic participation in Professional Learning.
• The College expects a contribution to the Activities and/or Service programmes, appropriate to a part-time role.
• Pastoral expectations for full time staff include the leadership of an Advisory group.
• A commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential alongside a willingness to adapt and develop pedagogy to meet the needs of our learners.

About the Organization

UWCSEA Dover has a vacancy for August 2023 for a Teacher of Middle School Design and Technology. The successful candidate must be experienced and passionate about teaching Design and Technology. The role may include teaching both Middle and High School aged students in curriculum areas such as Product Design, Textiles, Food Technology, Electronics and Digital Design.

More Job Details (if available)
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