University Advisor (East)


Job Responsibilities

Main Responsibilities
Contribute as part of a team to the delivery of a comprehensive programme of university advising services for a high school of 1000+ students, including guidance, information and advocacy as they navigate university application processes in as many as 20 countries worldwide
Establish a personal advising relationship to an assigned caseload of 50+ each in G11 and G12, including some students with high financial needs, and help them in their process of planning, researching, and applying to universities, identifying and understanding career options, and implementing their post-graduation plans; provide additional advice and support for university applications to up to 15 graduates currently taking gap years or doing National Service
Support students in their transition from Grades 10 to 11 with guidance on subject selection based on their future aspirations
Collaborate with other Advisors, Counsellors, Heads of Grades, Principal and Vice-Principals on the overall wellbeing and welfare of students.
Administration and Communication

Inform students, parents, and staff about university systems and admissions processes worldwide, by facilitating small and large group workshops and presentations.
Provide individual feedback on multiple drafts of students’ personal statements/essays.
Support the understanding and skill development of teaching staff in relation to the university application process, especially in their roles as recommendation writers.
Use Maia Learning online platform for US application processing and UCAS for UK application processing.
Manage and track university applications, including processing school-issued support documents, following up with university representatives and troubleshooting as needed.
Communicate with students, parents, and staff about on and off-campus events, university information opportunities, deadlines, and other relevant information.
Write, review, edit and collate references for university applicants.
Contribute to collation and analysis of university application and placement data, and use appropriate data analysis to inform university guidance.
Remain up-to-date on university-related matters in a rapidly changing world through diverse means, including visiting universities and making presentations at relevant conferences, very often during the school holidays.
Relationships with Universities and Organisations

Actively participate in engagement with universities throughout the school year.
Attend major international admissions and guidance conferences and present at panel workshops for professional development.
Maintain on-going relationships with university representatives around the world, with advisors with the local, regional and UWC networks and across the international admissions industry for knowledge-sharing, capacity building and strengthening of UWCSEA’s global reputation


Expectations and Standards
Follow the UWCSEA Professional Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Code of Conduct.
Teach in line with the UWCSEA Teacher Standards

Person Specifications
A degree and experience with the US and UK university application systems, as either a High School University Advisor or in university admissions, are prerequisites.
Candidates should ideally already be working as a University Advisor in a similar environment for at least three years and be well suited to making the transition to this post at UWCSEA.
The ability to engage with students and to engender enthusiasm for learning is a prerequisite for working at UWCSEA.
Eagerness to participate in the five key elements of a UWCSEA education: Academic; Personal and Social Education; Service; Activities; Outdoor Education - on average the College expects a yearly contribution of 1.5 sessions per week in each season to Activities and/or Service.
Enthusiastic participation in Professional Development, both that which is given by the College and that which is identified by the appointee.
Belief in the transformative power of education; interest in furthering the values of equity and access to educational opportunities; openness to new ideas, stamina, collaborative spirit and a sense of humour.

About the Organization

We are a united, welcoming community that embraces students and their families from around 100 different nations. The second member of the UWC Movement, the College was opened by Lee Kuan Yew as Singapore International School in 1971. SIS became the United World College of South East Asia in 1975 and has gradually expanded to become the K–12 international school of over 5,600 students across two campuses that it is today.

Our community, while large, celebrates and builds on the success of individuals, with an aim to create a wider impact through our Mission. UWCSEA embodies everything the UWC Movement stands for: concern and compassion for others, the willingness to accept responsibility, and tenacity in pursuit of the truth. What also distinguishes our students is how much they give service to others: their compassion and commitment are writ large in the many hundreds of hours of impactful service the College bears witness to every year, across a hugely diverse range of Activities, and which we celebrate as much as our Academic achievements.

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