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V&P Public Policy Institute for Southeast Asia

Executive Director


Job Responsibilities

The Institute is seeking an Executive Director to lead this work, based in Singapore. The Director will develop and execute Institute activities, coordinate and collaborate with regional experts, and serve in a public-facing role on Institute activities.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Lead and develop the Institute
• Develop and engage regional network of public policy experts.
• Build knowledge and understanding of the Institute’s capabilities and activities with relevant public and private sector stakeholders.
• Win, Write and oversee the publication of reports on policy and economic developments in the region.
• Organise roundtables about policy issues in the region such as the energy transition with policy makers, think tanks and the private sector.
• Write and oversee policy notes about the region.
• Serve as the public face of the institute, participating and presenting in relevant regional public policy fora.


The Director will be an experienced researcher, with strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to translate complex concepts for a non-expert audience.

About the Organization

The V&P Public Policy Institute for Southeast Asia (“the Institute”) brings together government, business, and civil society leaders for analysis and dialogue of the region’s most pressing political and governance challenges. The Institute is founded on the premise that direct connection and candid discussions are crucial for both policymakers and business leaders operating in the region’s rapidly changing political and economic landscapes. The Institute’s activities include developing white papers on public policy – particularly in the tech, healthcare, and renewable energy sectors – policy roundtables, and political and policy notes.

More Job Details (if available)
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