With an excellent Singapore Education system and a host of well-known international schools catering to foreign resident students from many countries, Singapore has plenty to offer for the K-12 segment.
Most public secondary schools in Singapore offer 4-year Express course or 5-year courses leading up to the GCE O-level examination. A notable exception are the Integrated Programme (IP) schools, which offer a 6-year course leading up to the GCE A-level examination or the International Baccalaureate examination.
For International schools, there are 3 main systems offered. These are the AP (Advanced Placement) system or known as the American-based system, the IB (International Baccalaureate) system and the English national system. 

K - 12 Schools in Singapore

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Comprehensive information and list of schools in Singapore:

1. MOE School Finder for Singapore Public Schools 
2. International Schools in Singapore

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