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What it is?

For student EdTech founders of start-ups who are currently in a Higher Education institution, we open up our deep network of educators & education experts from different education segments and geographies, to provide insights, knowledge, and marketing opportunities.

How does it work?

Student EdTech Founders
Young EdTech start-up founders looking
for expert insights on various education
segments, target customer segments, or Edtech and start-up specific insights
SEN Education Experts
Educators, and Education and EdTech experts sharing knowledge, insights and marketing opportunities on pro bono basis to young EdTech founders.

Our mentors

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Hester Spiegel
Founder 42 Germany , Co-Founder Epic Angel network, 15 years consulting experience
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Sanjukta Srivastava
Deputy Director SP Jain School of Global Management
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Ben Schmidt
Regional Director SEA & Pacific of Cambridge Assessment Int. Education
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Josep M. Mas
Partner at EDT Partners
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Michael Klemm
Founder Singapore Education Network

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