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Fewer new graduates in full-time work, 1 in 5 in temporary employment and traineeships

Unis must offer industry-required skills and deepen tie-ups with firms

NTU introduces new core curriculum for 6,000 freshmen starting August

Secondary school, junior college students to spend 2 days a month doing home-based learning from next year

Covid-19 may be Big Tech's gateway to higher education

University Administration & Digital


How Singapore Has Kept the Coronavirus Off Campus

Singapore to launch new work pass in January to attract global tech talent

China's primary and secondary school kids to learn coding

OECD's Pisa global competence test

Towards an education that develops the capacity to care

Google Has a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree

NUS to form new college taking in its arts and social sciences and science faculties next year

What's in the mix with blended learning?

NUS holds 25th spot as NTU rises to 47th in global ranking

Mr Lawrence Wong is the new Singapore Minister of Education 

OECD Education at a Glance 2020

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