Associate / Director of Career Services and Corporate Relations

Associate / Director of Career Services and Corporate Relations

Essec Business School



This position is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of a comprehensive career services program for ESSEC Business School Asia Pacific. He/She also serves as a liaison between ESSEC, the academic directors and faculty, students and participants, alumni, and corporate partners. .


1. Knowledge and Professional Experience
a) Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognized University with years of relevant
experience providing career services and/or job coaching to students/experienced
professionals at the university or tertiary level.
b) Knowledge of current trends, best practices, and evolutions in job market, job search
processes, and employer needs for pre- and post-experience program and participants
c) Culturally sensitive and possess exceptional interpersonal skills when interacting with all
stakeholders (students, participants, colleagues, alumni, corporate partners) from a wide
range of cultural and professional backgrounds.
d) Possess leadership experience in managing a team and have the ability to coach and
engage experienced level managers.
2. Skills and Attributes
a) Demonstrated ability to think strategically
b) Collaborative and possess a growth mindset
c) Tenacity and resilience of managing work challenges under uncertainty
d) Responsible, accountable and ethical
e) Analytical skills, inferring trends from data
f) Proactive problem solving
g) Proficient in using social media platforms.

About Company

ESSEC Bachelors and Masters programs are highly reputed and are ranked among the top 10
worldwide across FT, The Economist, QS, and regional rankings. The Career Services, Alumni and
Corporate Relations department is instrumental in preparing ESSEC students for career transition and
the ESSEC Alumni continues to play an active role in engaging and expanding its network of alumni
community within the APAC region. The department head role is a highly impactful and challenging
opportunity in a highly diverse and international environment.