Executive Assistant to the CEO

Executive Assistant to the CEO




You will be contributing towards the branding, marketing as well as legal and documentation
for the team. This would include making decks, brochures, planning out social media content and
strategy(with the support of the marketing team) and being the central repository of all marketing
assets within the firm. They would be involved and a key contributor in the legal and documentation
processes too.


1) very strong English writing skills

2) knowledge of some project management tools especially in an agile and remote context

3) PowerPoint skills

4) Keen eye and attention to detail

5) extremely thorough and process-driven about documentation (maintaining common drives to label, catalogue and archive our in-house digital repositories)

6) some digital marketing knowledge(can be learnt on the job)
7) cross-cultural and cross-functional people management skills
8) a fun and approachable person

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