Head Of School (Associate Director)

Head Of School (Associate Director)

Adecco SG



Learning, Teaching and Assessment

· Provide outstanding academic leadership across the School in teaching, including development and maintenance of academic standards.

· Plan, prepare and deliver lessons and set assessment and learning activities to a range of classes and age groups of students (including overseas colleges, if required).

· Monitor student progress through the application of formative and summative assessment strategies that support appropriate feedback and skills development.

· Monitor student success rates to an agreed standard across all student levels.

· Conduct administration duties pertinent to the programmes of study in the School.

· Review and ensure the quality of all examination papers set for the School and manage the moderation of examination results.

· Conduct objective assessments on examination appeal cases.


- 8 years of experience in Higher Education

- Experience or knowledge of module leadership,

- Minimum Education :Master

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