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Student Mentorship Program

Paying it forward in the Education Industry

What is it?
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Young start-up founders that are still in their (higher) education, often require support on a wide range of skills and insights to grow their business. Whilst entrepreneurship offices and incubators within Higher Education institutions provide support in many areas, founders of Education Technology (EdTech) companies would particularly benefit from access to additional networks and sources in the education and start-up sector for support, insights and planning of next steps.

The Singapore Education Network (SEN) is an inclusive community builder for the Education industry. Our purpose is to make meaningful connections in the Education industry. For founders of start-ups who are currently in an Higher Education institution, we open up our deep network of educators & education experts from different education segments and geographies, to provide insights, knowledge and marketing opportunities.

How it Works ?
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KIT & SEN Student Mentorship Partnership

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Singapore Education Network is establishing a mentorship partnership with the Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT). Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT) is a leading science and technology university located in Cambodia. Click here to find out more.

Mentored start up:
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Private Tutoring

Private tutoring aims to help high schools students to unlock their true potential and prepare themselves to enter college, as well as providing job opportunities for private  tutors in Cambodia.
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Lenz of Reality

Lenz of Reality is a student-based start up that focuses on bringing improvement,  convenience, and innovative solutions to education and communication through VR technology.
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Interested? Contact Our Lead Mentors!

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Michael Klemm
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Hester Spiegel-van den Steenhoven
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