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  • What is the Mission and Objective of the Singapore Education Network (SEN)?
    The Singapore Education Network (SEN) is a regional alliance of 1,500+ Education professionals & organizations in Singapore and Asia. We are a Knowledge Hub, Education Community and Business Partner to give stakeholders in the education sector an opportunity to share - learn - collaborate. As a community-builder in education, SEN strives to enhance accessibility, quality and impact of education through professional development, community events, mentorship and thought leadership. As a One-Stop-Service Provider, SEN offers services for institutions and organizations in a broad range of areas: a1 Marketing & Branding, 2) Events & Conferences, 4) Business Consultancy, 5) Professional Development 6) Study Trips for Students, 7) Learning Journeys for Educators We want to connect different people and organizations from the education sector and enhance understanding, expertise and quality of education. Membership is FREE and it comes with various services for all members. More information about SEN can be found here.
  • Who is the Singapore Education Network for?
    Everyone working in or with the education sector is welcome to join and enjoy the many services and activities offered by SEN. SEN does not focus on a particular segment but rather aims to break down barriers between different types and categories of organizations and professions within the education space. We have members from a variety of organizations such as Universities and higher education institutions Public, private and international schools Pre-schools, tuition and enrichment centers Government agencies Training organizations Language Schools Education technology companies Non-profit organizations and foundations Investors Consultancies Research Institutes and Think-Tanks Corporate learning
  • I am not living in Singapore. Is it still possible and useful to join the Singapore Education Network?
    Yes, of course. Every professional from the education sector regardless of their location is welcome to join. Even if you are unable to join SEN in-person events in Singapore and in Indonesia, there are many other opportunities to get involved and also enjoy benefits as a SEN member. Some examples: discounts for education events and conference (many partner events are happening outside of Singapore) access to education-relevant information, ie Education reports, webinars, job opportunities, SEN member deals (coming soon) promote your organizations events and other insights on SEN platforms Are you interested to organize a Education Lounge in your city? Please talk to us and we can discuss a collaboration.
  • Why should I join the Singapore Education Network?
    Different people have different reasons to join. SEN offers such a wide range of services and activities, there is something for everyone from the education sector. First of all: SEN MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. Though we have a paid Premium Membership, you can start what you feel most comfortable with. You can upgrade or downgrade your SEN membership anytime. And with the FREE SEN Membership, you will receive 30 SGD worth of credits every year. But you should not join just because it is free. With a FREE SEN Membership, Get unlimited access to our jobs board, reports portal, events calendar Enjoy many discounts for education events/ conferences and other services in Singapore and abroad Publish and promote your job vacancies, report and events Join our monthly Singapore Education Lounge events or Teacher meets Tech sessions List your organization in the SG Education Directory (if based in Singapore). and many more activities. Please see here more details HERE
  • How can I join the Singapore Education Network?
    Simply create an account on the SEN website. You will receive a welcome email with more details. Once you set up your SEN account, you have access to your personal SEN dashboard with access to personalized information, your credits available, upcoming SEN events and and other updates. You need a SEN account to access certain information including different discounts on the SEN website. If you want to speak to someone from SEN, please write an email to You can also approach us via SEN website.To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • What is the difference between SEN Membership and SEN Premium Membership?
    SEN Membership is FREE, which comes with 3 credits every year to each member. The credits can be used for posting your events, job vacancies and reports on the SEN website. Credits can be used for FREE registration to Singapore Education Lounge. SEN members can also enjoy event discounts, special deals and other activities and services without using credits. SEN Premium Membership costs 120 SGD (90 USD) per year and you will have unlimited access to different marketing opportunities, Events Calendar, Jobs Board, Reports Portal. SEN Premium Members also enjoy higher event discounts and free access to the Singapore Education Lounge events. There are more features and services available for SEN Premium members. Please see details below: *ONLY Educators and Teachers can attend after joining Teacher meets Tech **Every new member will receive 3 credits (worth of SGD 30) for FREE upon sign-up
  • I am a teacher. Is it useful for me to join the Singapore Education Network?
    Certainly. Apart from the benefits shared under questions 4. and 6.above, there is a specific activity reserved for teachers and educators. If you are a teacher (or have teaching responsibilities) and you are based in Singapore, you can join the “Teacher meets Tech” initiative. Teacher meets Tech is a Professional DEvelopment Initiative to support Teachers & Educators in navigating through the "jungle" of EdTech and Tech in Education.​ It is a Teacher & Educator driven initiative aiming to improve suitable and effective adoption of tech-enabled solutions in Schools and other education institutions. We currently have 60+ teachers & educators in this community from public schools, international schools, tuition centers, Polytechnics and universities. If you want to speak to someone from SEN about this, please write an email to You can also approach us via this form on SEN website.
  • I like to explore a partnership with SEN. What type of partnerships can SEN offer?
    Good question. SEN has worked with over 50 organizations in various types of partnerships. First of all, we have commercial and non-commercial partnerships. Non-commercial partnerships are typically for hosting the Singapore Education Lounge or the Teacher meets Tech sessions. Other Non-commercial partnerships could be in sharing education-relevant insights and reports to the SEN community or providing professional development to SEN members. Another opportunity is hosting a delegation from overseas educators who are visiting as part of a Learning Journey or study tour. Commercial partnerships are available in a broad range of areas and services. Conferences & events Marketing & branding Recruitment Educational visits to Singapore Student Immersion Programs to Singapore with partners like NUS, NTU, SP Jain School of Global Management EdTech Marketplace Asia and advisory Business Consultancy For more details, please visit the SEN Partnerships page. Maybe a call or meeting will help in exploring ideas.Please send an email to and we will be in touch within 2 working days. You can also approach us via this form on SEN website.
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