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Business Consultancy

The Singapore Education Network (SEN) offers consultancy services for education organizations as well as service providers, which requires insights and advice in the education sector.


SEN is providing Business consultancy services for organizations to enter and expand their education business in the Asia-Pacific region, ie Go-To-Market Strategies, Market expansion, Channel partnerships, and Investment matters. SEN works with many tech-enabled education solution providers and education companies from across the world.

Our Partner

For Consulting Services, Singapore Education Network is proud to be partnering with Global Education Consultancy EDT&Partners

EDT&Partners is a global consulting firm dedicated to the Business of Education.




EDT&Partners is your Cloud & Business of Education partner. We help publishers, EdTechs, universities, nonprofits, school networks and public entities, both in K12 and Higher Education, achieve new business heights and expand their impact. This includes go-to-market, product and cloud technology strategy and optimization.

Our Services


Digital Transformation in Education

Market Expansion Plans & Execution

Resellers/ Distributors/ Channel Partners Search

Product Market Analysis and Testing

Education Market Insights & Research

Capability Development


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