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Professional Development

Professional Development is key to any progress and advancement in the Education sector.

The Singapore Education Network (SEN) is heavily involved in training and upskilling capabilities of educators. While Teacher meets Tech imitative is a monthly pro-bono  session with educators in Singapore and Jakarta, SEN also offers Professional Development as a service with several partners.

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There are various ways in which Professional Development and Training can be offered and utilized and SEN aims to provide a comprehensive framework for all education professionals regardless the job-scope and designation.

Learning Journeys for Education Professionals

Where educational exploration meets innovation, empowering minds for a dynamic future in Singapore, Asia, and beyond.

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Professional Certificate Courses for Educators

Unlock the next level of professional growth and elevate your teaching expertise to new heights.

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Teacher meets Tech

An Initiative to support Teachers & Educators in navigating through the "jungle" of EdTech and Tech in Education

Diploma/ Bachelor & Master Programs for Educators

Unleash your potential in education with the Diploma, Bachelor & Master Programs 

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