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SEN Membership

Become a member for FREE & get SGD 30 worth of credits every year! You can also subscribe to Premium Membership for more features and benefits ★


Why Should I Join?

Becoming an SEN (Singapore Education Network) Member offers a plethora of benefits that can significantly enhance your professional and organizational endeavors. 


FREE Account with Annual Credits worth of SGD 30

Effortless Job Vacancies, Events, & Reports Promotion

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Asset Preparation (3).png

Event Discounts & Participation

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Enjoy Professional Development for FREE

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Free Organization Profile Promotion

and many more benefits!

Plans & Pricings

Elevate Your Experience with SEN Membership!

Unlock a world of opportunities and take your journey with us to new heights! Our membership now come in two exciting plans tailored to suit your unique aspirations and ambitions:

Features/ Services

SEN Member


SEN Premium Member

120 SGD per Year

1 Credit / Job Listing

Unlimited Job Listing

1 Credit / Event Listing

Unlimited Event Listing

SEN Member Event Discount



SEN Premium Member Event Discount



Featured in the SEN monthly Events Newsletter (for Events Calendar listing)



1 Credit / Report Listing

Unlimited Report Listing

FREE Listing

FREE Listing

SGD 10 / Event


SGD 5 / Event




Eligible to Host the Singapore & Jakarta Education Lounge Event



Annual Credits**

Membership Fee

3 Credits

Unlimited Credits

SGD 120 per year


*ONLY Educators and Teachers can attend after joining Teacher meets Tech

**Every new member will receive 3 credits (worth of SGD 30) for FREE upon sign-up

Many more benefits are coming soon!

  • Lead Generation & Analytics for Singapore Education Directory (SEN Premium Members ONLY)

  • SEN Member Deals

  • Integration of other Education Communities

  • Survey Function

  • Speakers Portal

  • Education Procurement Portal

Join Now & Stay Tuned 🎁✨ 

Credits & Subscription

Buy Credits

5 Credits

SGD 50

Choose What Works Best for You!

Hi, SEN Members! We've got you covered with the flexibility to buy 5 credits separately. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your experience and access the perks that suit your needs perfectly!

Subscribe to Premium

Unlimited Credit for 1 Year

SGD 120

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