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Curiosity Gym
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Target Level
Higher/Tertiary Education, Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood, Technical & Vocational Training
Tool Focus
Mentoring/Counselling, Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform
Product Summary
Curiosity Gym is a leading edtech company with a focus on igniting curiosity and innovation in young minds. Curiosity Gym has been instrumental in setting up Tinkering Labs and Innovation Hubs in leading schools across India, and has provided the infrastructure including equipment, consumables, curriculum and staff.
Curiosity Gym’s mission is to transform India’s children and youth through experiential learning where students work on project based outcomes and pick up skills on new technologies & design thinking mindsets.
Product Details
Curiosity Gym was set up as a space & platform for students to exercise their minds by asking questions & finding the answers to those.
Instructor-led Experiential Learning Courses
Stem - Coding - Mobile App & Game Development - Artificial Intelligence - Python & Data Visualisation - Virtual Robotics - Bioinformatics

The Courses offered are as follows;

1. Learning to code games (Std. 3 to 5): Design your own interactive stories, animation, games and avatars

2. Mobile App and Game Development (Std. 6 to 8): Learn to build creative, meaningful and fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets

3. Artificial Intelligence (Std. 7 to 9): Learn AI modules and machine learning concepts like identifying an object, recognising text, numbers and images. Create socially relevant applications from your program

4. Virtual Robotics (Std. 6 to 8): Program, build and test robots on a virtual simulation software

5. Website Development (Std 7 to 9): Learn basics about Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML), the underlying mark-up language for creating Web pages and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for formatting.

6. Python & Data Visualisation (Std 10 to 11): Students are exposed to hands-on computer programming using Python, visualisation of datasets - generating plots, understanding their meaning, and using statistical techniques from various libraries in Python such as NumPy, Panda, Seaborn and Matplotlib.

7. Bioinformatics (Std 10 to 11): This course can equip students with knowledge and tools to solve real-life problems like find cures for deadly infections, harness some useful microbes for essential products like vitamins, insulin etc. and help conserve our rich ecosystems.
Contact Details
Girish Nair
Product Highlights
Instructor Led
The sessions are conducted online with live instructors, who are subject matter experts in their respective course fields.
Practical training
Our courses and curriculum are designed to provide practical training to the students.
Online & Offline classes
We have online as well as offline courses in schools
Expose children to the latest technologies like Robotics, AI, Biotech, Coding etc.
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B2C, B2B2C
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Curiosity Gym

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