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Professional Development

Encompasses services and opportunities aimed at enhancing educators' professional skills, knowledge, and networks. It includes:

Education Lounge Events

A series of interactive and informative events aimed at fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and exploring emerging trends in education.


Educators can network, gain insights, and engage in discussions to enhance their teaching methodologies.


Teacher meets Tech

An initiative bridging the gap between educators and technology by providing training, workshops, and resources focused on integrating tech tools effectively into teaching practices.

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Academic & Experiential Learning

A range of academic and immersive learning experiences for educators and their students to enrich the educational experience and support continuous professional development.

Bachelor/ Master's Program

Tailored academic programs designed to equip educators with advanced knowledge and skills in their respective fields by saving up to 70% on tuition fees!


Student Immersion Program

Provides students of dedicated educators like you with hands-on learning experiences, industry exposure, and networking opportunities in collaboration with NUS, NTU, and many more reputable institutions.


Learning Journey for Education Professionals

Personalized learning experiences for professionals through structured programs to gain insights & new skills and enhance teaching practices.

Digital Classroom Resources

EdTech Marketplace Asia is a platform that connects educators with innovative educational technology solutions tailored to the Asian market.


This marketplace features a wide range of EdTech solutions including Authoring Tools, Lessons & Resources, Marking & Feedback, Professional Development, and many more for educators looking to integrate technology effectively into their teaching practices.

Some of the listed solutions


These services cater to different aspects of educators' professional development, networking, and access to resources and technology in the field of education.

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