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Teacher meets Tech

Teacher meets Tech is an Initiative to support Teachers & Educators in navigating through the "jungle" of EdTech and Tech in Education.

This is a Teacher & Educator driven initiative aiming to improve suitable and effective adoption of tech-enabled solutions in Schools and other education institutions.

The Teacher meets Tech Initiative is NOT:

  • A sales or marketing channel for EdTech companies

  • An EdTech-industry-driven project 


Invite Teachers and Educators to learn and share about Tech in Education

Creative Office


Connect Teachers and Educators with EdTech companies and other stakeholders 

Business Consultation


Provide Teachers and Educators a voice to influence and impact technology solutions for education




Offer EdTech demos and training to raise awareness and proficiency of Tech in Education among Teachers and Educators

Speaker with a Poduim

Are you interested to join?

Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest in getting involved. 

We will get back to you with details about the "Teacher meets Tech" activities. 

Requirements to join the "Teacher meets Tech" Initiative (TmT):

1. I am a teacher, lecturer, trainer, or tutor. I have teaching responsibilities.

(TmT focuses only on building and enhancing professionals in the teaching profession)

2. I am based in Singapore or frequently visit Singapore.

(as TmT is an in-person community, we want to ensure that interested teachers are actually able to join our TmT sessions and events) 

Submission Form

Which one(s) of these activities would benefit you? (check all that applies)

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