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Curiosity Gym
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Target Level
Higher/Tertiary Education, Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood
Tool Focus
Career Services, Mentoring/Counselling, Learning Resources & Content
Product Summary
MySphere - developed by Curiosity Gym, is a safe space where students can create an impressive Profile, make a Digital Portfolio, build dynamic CVs, learn about different career paths and explore curated courses.
Showcasing the accomplishments of student life is important for laying the foundation for higher studies and a career launch.
Product Details
MySphere offers a set of tools, content and services to help students with career readiness. With MySphere, students can organise the details of their student life in a structured manner.
MySphere can help students:
- create a student profile
- make a digital portfolio
- build a dynamic CV
- explore career paths
Contact Details
Girish Nair
Product Highlights
Create a Student Profile
Capture details about your student life - academics, activities, accomplishments, skills and interest.
Build a dynamic CV
Put together a resume that includes Multimedia, is auto updated and ease to customise
Make a Digital Portfolio
Ad your best project work- photos and videos to showcase it for awards, college applications, internships
Explore Career Paths
Explore curation of resources handpicked by experts to help students get introduced to career options
Product Features
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