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The Singapore Education Network (SEN) is a network of Education professionals & organizations in Singapore and Asia.

SEN has over 1,200 individual members from Higher Education institutions, High schools, EdTech & e-learning companies, Think-tanks, Corporates, Government agencies & embassies, International organizations and more. While most members are from Singapore, about 30% come from the Asian region or beyond. 
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Upcoming Education Events

  • 2022 Deans Conference
    2022 Deans Conference
    08 Feb, 12:00 am SGT – 11 Feb, 12:00 am SGT
    The AACSB Deans Conference convenes business school leaders to address common challenges but, more importantly, to create and share solutions that will outlast the disruption and create positive impact.
  • K-12 Education Show
    K-12 Education Show
    Dubai International Convention & Exhibit
    24 Feb, 12:00 am GMT+4 – 26 Feb, 12:00 am GMT+4
    Dubai International Convention & Exhibit, Dubai World Trade Centre - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    The show will help you engage your target audience, laying the groundwork for successful student conversions & marketing visibility. 10% discount for SEN members - code: SEN-GETEX 2022 during registration. Event: https://k-12educationshow.com GETEX registration form http://mygetex.com/downloads/
  • 2022 Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference
    2022 Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference
    23 Jan, 12:00 am SGT – 25 Jan, 12:00 am SGT
    Denver, Denver, CO, USA
    The CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference (APAC) is back and online! CASE is your community and APAC is the one time each year we can meet as a sector, to share our how-to guides, challenges and solutions, and successes.
  • Wealth of Talent - A New Lens to Unlock People Potential
    Wealth of Talent - A New Lens to Unlock People Potential
    21 Jan, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm SGT
    Unlock new potential and optimise learning, innovation and business performance in your organisation this year! Join us at the Wealth of Talent innovLogue, which discusses how TAE practitioners can fully develop human capital in their organisations and unleash the potential of their employees.
  • ICDE Leadership Summit 2022: Leadership for EdTech Oriented Innovation in Education
    ICDE Leadership Summit 2022: Leadership for EdTech Oriented Innovation in Education
    20 Jan, 12:00 am GMT+9 – 21 Jan, 12:00 am GMT+9
    Gukjegeumyung-ro, 10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    Digital transformation set off by the 4th Industrial Revolution and accelerated by COVID-19 is unfolding globally. Education is no exception. EdTech has now passed the point of being a buzzword in the community as it becomes a substantial factor for scalable education and increased efficiency.

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Marketing Executive, Asia

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Product Manager, Academy

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Nanyang Technological University

Manager, Entrepreneur Education [NTUitive]

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Account Manager (Mathematics, Education Industry)

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NAS Academy

Creator Partnerships Manager (Entrepreneurship)

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Solutions for the Education Sector with emphasis on Singapore and the Asian region.