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Hi Corporates, 


Join the Singapore Education Network

& Empower Your Community to Thrive and Excel!

Easily advertise job openings


Share research findings & insights

Increase event attendance & boost visibility

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Showcase your organization & enhance recognition


Global Education Events & Collaborations

Focuses on creating opportunities for education professionals to connect, collaborate, and share insights. It includes:

Become a Host Partner for

Education Lounge Events

Host networking and collaborative events where education professionals can come together to share insights, discuss trends, and foster partnerships.


Become a Host Partner for

Teacher meets Tech

A platform for educators to connect with technology experts, share best practices, and explore innovative tools and strategies for integrating technology into teaching and learning.

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Conferences, Exhibitions, and Events

Participate in or support conferences, exhibitions, and events tailored for the education sector, where corporates can showcase their brand, products, and services.

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Presence Enhancement & Strategic Services

Focuses on empowering professionals and students within educational organizations to enhance academic rigor, teaching effectiveness, and student engagement through programs and immersive learning experiences.

Marketing & Branding

Leverage the Singapore Education Network's expertise and community to elevate your corporate presence. The comprehensive marketing and branding services are designed to enhance your visibility and impact within the education sector.


Business Consultancy

Expand your business with strategic insights and guidance from the Singapore Education Network. The consultancy services help you navigate new markets and drive growth in the education industry.


Deals in Education

Promote your products and services to the extensive network with special discounts for SEN Members. Boost your sales and reach a targeted audience within the education community.

Corporate Training & Development Solutions

With the rapid advancement of technology, integrating innovative solutions into education has become essential.


The EdTech Marketplace Asia helps institutions explore and adopt cutting-edge educational technologies such as Learning Management Systems, Finance & Scholarships, Student Information Systems, Virtual Labs, and many more to ensure they have the tools they need to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences.

Some of the listed solutions

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These services collectively aim to support institutions in fostering collaboration, enhancing academic offerings, integrating technology effectively, and providing enriching learning experiences for students.

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